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Resistive Touch Screen Stylus

The stylus was first used by the ancient Mesopotamians to write in cuneiform. These early scribes used instruments made of different materials, such as reed or bone, to imprint symbols on a wax tablet. Today, Pilot Pen offers a selection of resistive touch-screen styluses to accurately execute menu options and send messages with ease. So whether you're texting on your phone or playing games on a full-size tablet, a Pilot stylus is comfortable to use and offers a precision touch on screen. Our rubber stylus tip has the sensitivity you need to operate that finicky app with less on-screen drag for faster navigation. You'll find yourself reaching for a Pilot more often with our "pen style" stylus in your pocket. In fact pick up several from our online store and keep one close by at home, at work and on the go. It's like using your fingers but without the smudges.