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Q. Where can I find Pilot products?

Among other locations, Pilot products can be found nationwide at the outlets listed below. Stationery stores, College bookstores and Arts and Crafts stores also carry many Pilot products. A full assortment of Pilot writing instruments and refills can also be found on our website.

Drug, Grocery, Warehouse Club and Dollar Stores such as:

Office Super Stores such as:

Mass Market and Key Online Retailers such as:

Commercial Office Product Dealers such as:

Q. What is the Return Policy for Items Purchased on Your E-Commerce Site?

Since your satisfaction is a priority we know that it is sometimes necessary to exchange or return an item. All items must be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund or replacement. Product must be in “as new” condition and be returned in original packaging.

Please return to:

Pilot Corporation of America
Attn: E-Commerce Returns Department
3855 Regent Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Along with the product, please include the original packing list, the reason for the return and if you prefer a replacement or refund. Please note this return policy applies only to merchandise purchased directly from the Pilot Pen web site.

You will receive credit within 7 to 10 business days. Shipping charges are not refundable.

Q. Does Pilot have any eco-friendly / recycled products?

Yes! Pilot is proud to have launched the first pen made from recycled water bottles, the revolutionary B2P (Bottle-2-Pen) in 2010. The B2P product family is the world’s first line of pens (gel ink and ball point) made from recycled bottles. Approximately 2 Million plastic bottles enter landfills every hour, and comprise close to 50% of all recyclable waste1. B2P gel ink and ball point pens are made from 89% and 83% recycled plastic bottles respectively and have a unique water bottle inspired design. All B2P pens write smoothly and have vibrant ink and are 100% refillable. Help write the next chapter for a cleaner planet with B2P.

Many of our other popular pen types are available in eco-friendly options. To view a complete list, click here. In addition, many of our popular pens can be refilled for continued use. Refilling products extends their useful life and reduces material waste, along with providing a great value! It is considerably less expensive to refill a writing instrument than it is to buy a new one.

1Schriever, Norm. "Plastic Water Bottles Causing Flood of Harm to Our Environment.." . (accessed May 5, 2014).

Q. Which Pilot products are Acid-Free / Archival safe?

All Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pens and other products that use the G2 refills in blue and black ink are Acid-free and Archival safe, meaning their inks do not contain any acidic chemicals that may speed the deterioration process of photos and documents. Acid-free / Archival safe inks contain pH levels of 7.0 or greater meaning they’re non-acidic.

Q. Which Pilot pens are safe to use for writing checks (won't enable check-washing)?

Our top recommendation is G2 in Black ink, along with any of our Black ink pens in Ball Point or Gel ink pens.

Q. How do I process a tax exempt order?

Create an account as usual, but do not enter your order at that time. Fax your tax exempt certificate to Consumer Service at 904-996-2974. Or, you may email the certificate to Once your certificate has been processed, usually within 2 days, you will receive a notification that you may enter your order.

Q. Is there latex in the grip of the pens? Is there latex in your erasers?

No. All Pilot pens have latex-free grips, and all mechanical pencils contain latex-free erasers.

Q. Which Pilot pens are water resistant and /or water-proof?

While many of our inks are highly water-resistant and won’t easily smear, none of our pens are 100% water-proof on every surface. Permanent markers are clearly the most water-resistant, followed by Ball Point pens and advanced ink Ball Point pens because the ink is oil-based. Gel ink, which is found in our G2 and other gel lines, contain water in its base but is still water-resistant, while Rolling Ball ink is the least water-resistant.

Is G2 Gel ink also found in other Pilot products?

Yes! The ink of G2, America’s #1 selling Gel pen, is actually contained in a variety of pen styles, all of which are refillable with G2 ink refills. Besides G2 these include:

  • B2P Colors
  • B2P Gel
  • Dr. Grip Gel
  • Dr. Grip LTD.
  • G2 Limited
  • G2 Pro
  • G6
  • G-Knock BeGreen
  • Pilot MR Gel Roller

For Gel Ink and Rolling Ball Pens:

  • 0.25mm = Hyper Fine
  • 0.3mm = Micro Fine
  • 0.38mm and 0.4mm = Ultra Fine
  • 0.5mm = Extra Fine
  • 0.7mm = Fine
  • 1.0mm = Bold

For Ball Point Pens:

  • 0.7mm = Fine
  • 1.0mm = Medium

The lead is replaced by removing the cap on the top of the pencil and then removing the eraser. Insert 2 to 3 pieces of lead at one time. Replace the eraser and cap. Push the cap several times until the lead exits from the tip. Be sure to use 0.5mm and 0.7mm lead refills for the appropriate mechanical pencils.

Grasp and turn the lower portion of the Dr. Grip 4+1 barrel to the left (counterclockwise). Grab one of the refills in the pen and firmly pull it out of the barrel. To insert the new refill into the barrel, make sure the plastic end of the refill is securely inserted into the port from your removed refill. Firmly push the new refill into the port. If a retracting color coded button is locked, simply select and click a different color coded button to retract.

To refill the mechanical pencil, (hold) depress the metal clip with one hand (on the metal clip) and pull the metal tip and plastic collar out of the body of the clear refill. Insert the appropriate sized lead (2 to 3 pieces) into the clear refill barrel. Once leads are inserted, replace the mechanical pencil tip. Place the lower portion of the barrel with the soft rubber grip back over the refills and twist (clockwise) into the barrel.

The research and development of our products is undertaken by our parent company, Pilot Corporation of Japan. If you have a suggestion or idea, please click the link below and complete the Product Disclosure and Release form. You may mail, fax or email this form to us, along with your idea, to Pilot Consumer Services for review. We do not review any ideas that are not accompanied by a signed Product Disclosure and Release form.  You should review the Product Disclosure and Release form carefully before signing it and sending it to us, as it is a binding legal document.

We appreciate your input and enthusiasm for our products. As a matter of policy, Pilot Corporation of America does not respond further to individual inquiries, nor do we discuss product development details of a past, present or pending nature.

Pilot Disclosure Statements
3855 Regent Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Product Disclosure and Release form

Pilot’s markers can easily be refilled by following these instructions. To start, hold pen in the upright position (with tip facing up). Unscrew tail cap and remove. Carefully remove empty cartridge. Insert new cartridge and push firmly into place, then screw on the tail cap tightly. Note: Do not replace a cartridge if there is still ink in it. Our markers provide excellent value in the way they can be refilled up 4 times before a full replacement is needed!

The Twin Pipe Feed System is patented technology by Pilot that enables delivery of consistent color intensity from first word to last! The newly developed system utilizes two pipes and a pad to ensure a stable supply of ink to the pen tip. One of these two pipes feeds the ink to the pad section and the other pipe feeds air to the ink tank. The pad functions the same as a pen tip and regulates the supply of ink to the tip.

Indelible ink is defined as ink that cannot be erased or washed away. All Pilot Permanent Markers, Creative Markers and Ball Point Pens are considered to have indelible ink among writing and marking instruments.

Our top recommendation is the Pilot Extra Fine Permanent Marker or Pilot Super Color Fine Bullet point marker. Take care to also use proper photo protectors (polypropylene-based; not PVC- or acetone-based) to best preserve your photos and writing.

Pilot’s new B2P Bottle-2-Pen Gel Roller is made from recycled plastic bottles (R-PET). Since it’s made of recycled plastic already, the body of this pen can be placed directly into regular recycling bins. Additionally, most pen bodies are considered Type 5 recyclable plastic. However, all metal components and ink refills must be removed prior to recycling. For more information contact your local recycling center.

  • For Writing
    1. To expose pen nib, press retracting knob until it clicks. This opens the shutter and extends and locks the nib into writing position.
  • After Writing
    1. To retract nib, press retracting knob as instructed above. The nib will draw in and the shutter will close tightly over it.
  • Filling with Ink Bottle
    1. With pen nib retracted, unscrew body.
    2. Pull out nib/neck assembly from pen cap.
  • Using Ink Cartridge
    1. Remove nib/neck assembly from barrel
    2. Replace cartridge cover from nib/neck assembly. This may require a twisting/pulling action.
    3. Insert cartridge into place.
    4. Replace cartridge cover and insert nib/neck assembly into pen cap.
    5. Screw both ends of pen body back together.
  • Using Converter
    1. Insert converter into nib/neck assembly.
    2. Dip nib into ink and twist converter to draw ink into nib until the pen is filled.

IMPORTANT: Always remove pen holder from the body before refilling. Never dip the pen head directly into the ink bottle - ink will get inside the pen head, interfering with the delivery mechanism.

Airplane Travel

When using many brands of liquid ink pens (which include fountain pens and rolling ball pens) on an airplane, be sure to remove the cap with the point of the pen upward. This will alleviate most problems (leaks) that could occur due to cabin pressure.

Fountain Pen Care & Cleaning

  1. Your fountain pen will function better if cleaned every two months with cool water. Never clean a pen in hot water or alcohol. If the pen is really dirty, use a solution of two-thirds cold water and one-third dishwashing soap. Shake out any excess water and dry nib with a soft cloth.
  2. If you know you will not be using your pen for a month or longer, clean it by flushing with cold water.
  3. Be sure to cap the pen properly. Hold the pen upright and place the cap on top of it. DO NOT drop the pen into the cap, or you may end up with ink in the cap.
  4. If you are traveling by plane, either fill your pen all the way, or leave it empty. Remember to always uncap the pen with the tip pointed upward. A sudden change in cabin pressure may cause any pen to leak if you don't follow this rule.
  5. Always try to use a pen case for carrying your pen(s). This will protect the finish from scratches or nicks.

Fountain Pen Repair

Before sending in a fountain pen for repair for skipping, try the following simple steps:

  1. If you normally use cartridges, put in your converter (make sure it is inserted tightly) and clean the pen with a solution of two-thirds cold water and one-third non-sudsing household ammonia. For really "dirty" pens, fill the pen with the solution and let the nib section soak overnight in the solution. To clean, just fill the pen and empty several times with the cleaning solution, then follow the same procedure with cold water only.
  2. Consult your filling instructions; you may not be filling your pen properly. For example, be sure to "bleed out" three drops of ink when filling a pilot Con-50 converter (piston converter).
  3. If you are writing on chemically coated paper that has a slick feel, wipe the pen point with a soft microfiber cloth (not facial tissue) and try writing again. If your pen still skips, try a different paper to get the ink flowing
  4. If your pen skips on the down stroke and the point spreads at the tip and/or has separated from the black feed underneath, the nib is ‘sprung’ or the nib’s end is misaligned. Try to lighten your touch on the pen. If the pen still skips, you will need to have the nib reworked or replaced.

Note: Many writing pads of recycled or coated paper are not truly suitable for fountain pens

Yes. We recommend using only Pilot-branded water-based fountain pen ink. Oil-based and permanent inks may permanently clog and damage fountain pen nibs.

Most ink stains can be removed by using the following products:

  • Motsenbocker's Lift Off #3 - Pen, Ink and Marker Graffiti Remover
  • Amodex Stain Remover -
  • Lifter-1

While the majority of Pilot inks are considered safe and non-toxic, contact your local poison control and/or family physician immediately for further guidance.

Please email Pilot Customer Service by clicking on the “contact us” link.

Pilot guarantees all of its products*. If you are not satisfied with the performance of any Pilot product, return the product, postage paid, and we will replace it free of charge with a comparable product.

*Pilot Fine Writing and Namiki product purchases are covered by a separate warranty that is specific to those product lines. Please refer to the following product listing for your convenience.

  • LifeTime
    • Namiki Collection
    1. Aya
    2. Yukari
    3. Royale
    4. Chinkin
    5. Nippon Art
  • 1 Year
    • Custom Urushi
    • Custom 845
    • Custom 823
    • Custom 743
    • Custom Heritage 912
    • Custom Heritage SE
    • Custom Heritage 92
    • Custom 74
    • Heritage
    • Prera
    • Vanishing Point
    • Decimo
    • Vanishing Point LS
    • E95S
    • Flacon
    • Sterling Silver

In the U.S., please return all product to:
Pilot Corporation of America
Customer Service Manager
3855 Regent Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32224

To assist with tracking and status of your rebate by mail or to report issues, visit:

For additional information,
Contact Pilot Pen Customer Service

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